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HSIA Wireless Solutions

HSIA Wireless Solutions


The technology of today has changed the way of operations and communications of today’s world,

The Wi-Fi technology has dominated the change and has continually improved with each generation bringing faster speeds, lower latency and better user experiences in a multitude of environments and with a variety of device types.

We at EXCEED help users identify devices that provide the latest Wireless experience. 

Wireless network technology is the preferred choice in enterprise environments, the latest devices offer industry-standard security protections and performance which has to support enterprise applications including voice, video and data networks which many enterprise, education, hospitality, health care, retail and any large, small and medium business expect.  

Understanding the fundamentals of WIRELESS REQUIREMENTS which brings higher performance to enterprise networks Exceed always try to cater the required expectations by increasing its speed and capacity and making more efficient use of the wireless spectrum. 

With the dramatic increase in employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) like tablets, smartphones, and laptops into the workplace, networks can rely on EXCEED to handle heavy traffic and growing connectivity demands to enable increased flexibility and productivity of a mobile workforce.

We continue to support with Protected Management Frames, providing enterprise-standard security with strong data protection for multiple users and large managed networks. Protected Management Frames provides protection for unicast and multicast management action frames and provide greater capacity to enable more enterprise applications that require higher throughput, including multimedia and video conferencing.

During the past two decades the Wireless connectivity has met with the growing needs of a demanding global population. The increase in smart devices and dependence upon wireless network which has made Wireless network a necessity of everyday life. The technological advancements have enabled the industry to provide better user experiences with faster connectivity. Exceed aims to increase capacity and throughput in dense environments, extend network range, and reduce power consumption to meet user expectations for existing and emerging uses. 

Our strength of affordable performance, efficient operation, commitment to security, ease of use, self-deployment and long-term compatibility provide a basis for fulfilling next generation use cases, with both current and future Wireless technology.  


 The increasing demand in High speed non-stop internet requirement which is being one of the most critical for hospitality, health care, education, enterprise, small & medium business these days it requires special attention to cater the needs and demands by the business managements has to assure high quality of internet  service which has become a must to achieve the customer satisfaction which has to be built on secured and reliable network equipment, professional software and full operation support.

Exceed offers complete HSIA solutions including everything from equipment to front office interface.

 We provide complete solutions for new and upgrade requirements for your hotel, hospital, apartment complex, schools, colleges, shopping malls, retail outlets etc., and provide best services with fully customizable guest services user interface with complete satisfaction.