In today’s World ICT Infrastructure are the key aspect and the core of modern communication for achieving goals and objectives of any organization. The scope of ICT has increased significantly in the past decade and this boom in communications would not have been possible without the progressively advancing technology. Having understood the need and necessity of the ICT Infrastructure in day to day activities of any business EXCEED COMMUNICATIONS LLC was formed in partnership with highly skilled, motivated enthusiastic entrepreneur as a high quality, specialist network ICT & ELV Services Company,

EXCEED COMMUNICATIONS LLC works with its clients through a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today’s technologies including innovations around IT & ELV solutions with a mature, highly capable delivery and services infrastructure. Exceeds offerings help customers improve processes, reduce infrastructure costs, and manage risks and governance thus enhancing top-line revenue. Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

EXCEED COMMUNICATIONS LLC provides services which include network design; network installation, network management and high security video, voice and data combined solutions, GRMS Solutions, IPTV System, AV, BGM/PA and Digital Signage. With great lot of experience in the field have established EXCEED COMMUNICATIONS LLC as a leading systems integrator and IT & ELV solutions service provider in the region. With years of experience founded in the UAE with the aim to provide world-class ICT & ELV solutions,

We stands for quality, competence and commitment.

EXCEED specializes in a solutions-based approach for its clients. We play an important role in understanding the organization’s environment, its business ambitions and the technological support it needs to execute its business strategy.

We have successfully partnered with leading technology providers such as HP, Aruba Networks, Dell, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, Allied televes, Infinique, Samsung, Ebeam, Legrand, ABB, TOA, Vingcard, Hotek, AMP, Datacom, Teklogics and others. We cater to both large scale enterprises such as hotels & malls and SMEs

Our people work hard to build a future where technology makes life simple, rewarding and enjoyable, and where businesses rely on our solutions to achieve sustainability and growth. We believe that our success depends on the success of the clients and communities we serve.

Many years of experience and a deep understanding of our industry and local markets puts us in a unique position to act as technology enablers and integrators to help our clients achieve their objectives. Over the years, we have developed a culture of goodwill and good practice enabling us to deliver the right product and solution, with the right attitude for quality service at competitive rates. We provide professional ICT & ELV services, from time served professionals, delivering a highly secure, robust and efficient installation and infrastructure that will meet all your business needs now and in years to come.

Having positioned ourselves in UAE - the Middle East hub, where most of the Global IT giants have their local presence in the region, we have a quick access to the new developments and products in the ICT & ELV field.


Exceed believes in developing strong and successful relationships with its customers. We are driven by customer needs, adhere to the highest quality standards, conduct ourselves with highest ethical and moral standards and commit ourselves to understand our customers and work towards a mutually beneficial relationship. That's why we refer to them as our 'partners' not just 'customers'.

Our customers are our strategic partners with whom we work closely to seek solutions which will add value to their own products, systems and reputations. Their problems are our challenges, for which we are eager to offer innovative, cost-effective & reliable products and solutions, fully fit for the purpose intended, without compromising on quality at any stage.

We will achieve this by:

Developing our people into a team-based organization instilled with the Values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork and customer-orientation.

Integrating hardware and software technologies into exceptional and Innovative products and services.

Establishing profitable business alliances.


EXCEED COMMUNICATIONS LLC is truly committed to both its customers and its employees. The Company recognizes that without satisfied customers and a happy workforce, it cannot succeed in today's business environment.

The Company commitments are reflected in the Company Objectives:-

To provide high level of service with a promise and commitment to deliver quality solutions in the field of ICT & ELV systems.

We treat our employees with respect and dignity. We believe in teamwork and individual development. Providing for a healthy environment which makes working a pleasure

provide top quality IT services, which maximize clients' results

To conduct our business according to the highest level of ethics

To do all in our power to pack the customer’s money full of value, quality and satisfaction

To expect from the service we render a fair remuneration

To be the most efficient in everything that we do

Our clients success is our genuine concern